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Aventuras Mermaid Tail


The Aventuras design is sized to fit over a FinFun and Mertailor fin. This design will also fit over larger free diving fins as well as the Finis Wave, however the fin may be visible beyond the fluke.

These are custom made from two colors of spandex. Most common choices are blue, pink, and green/gold combos. Fluke has waterproof reinforcement. This does not aid in swimming, but adds to the structure of the fin.
*Please message at time of order to discuss fabric options.

Size Guide

Small (Size 2-4):Waist 25", Hips 34"

Medium (Size 6-8):Waist 30", Hips 36“

Large (Size 10-12):Waist 35", Hip 44"

X Large (Size 13-14):Waist 40", Hip 46"

Jvon Says, "Mermaiding is one of my favorite things to do. I love adding new tails to my collection, and now my patterns are available for you to custom order too!"